Review: Turbocharged – Above Lords, Below Earth

Turbocharged – Above Lords, Below Earth (GFY Productions)
Review by Milos Sebalj

“BlaSwedes” are back! As far as I’m concerned, that should be news of the year! It’s been two long years since “Apocalyptic” and the wait is over! Twelve tracks of their trademark ugliness are coming soon and you cannot even begin to imagine my happiness when I got an advance promotional pack. Calling these Swedish bastards my friends has been an honor for a couple of years now. Having said that, this review has absolutely nothing to do with the friendship! This is simply fantastic musical output and probably the best Turbocharged has come up with yet.

“Above Lords, Below Earth” is the fifth full-length record by Turbocharged. To describe it briefly I will use the title of the closing track of the album, “Unholy deathpunk”. That’s exactly what this is. A deadly combination of D-beat Punk attitude, early Swedish Death Metal brutality, with just a pinch of Motorhead-like Rock ‘n’ Roll (particularly in the mentioned track). Keeping it plain and simple, Turbocharged manages to create memorable songs with simple, yet effective riffing, straightforward rhythm pounding to break your neck and in your face blasphemies. There is no place for inner reflection, deep thoughts, quasi intelligence, senseless technicalities, studio recording tricks or pristine production. Hell, this trio doesn’t even record an additional guitar track to back up the solo parts. What you see is what you get. This is aggressive music to punch you right across the mouth, and should be considered as such. There’s a statement in the informational sheet that claims “Turbocharged never came in peace” and I cannot add anything more to that. Even the label name, Go Fuck Yourself Productions, fits perfectly to the sounds emanating from these 35 minutes. As I’ve mentioned before, there are 12 tracks on this release, so the songs are less than 3 minutes in average. As Punk as it gets. Furthermore, these guys are deeply rooted in the DIY attitude, keeping almost every aspect of their creation under their own control. Well, as far as I know, the cover artwork wasn’t their creation, though it looks great, especially the choice of colors to perfectly represent the “rust” to be sanded of your speakers.

If you still haven’t, make sure to check this band out. If you consider yourself and old school Metalhead or Punk, this one must be on your top priority list. There is nothing smart I could add here. As mentioned, this is not music for your IQ to grow. If I ever need any kind of neck surgery I’m pretty sure these Swedes will have to cover at least half of the insurance fees.

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