Review: Sulgogar – Cannibal-Toon

Sulgogar – Cannibal-Toon (Machine Man Records)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

I think it’s fair to say that listening to this album is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. From the orgy of cartoon feasting in the noisy 1950s (or earlier) cartoon intro to the incessant all out blasting and breakneck vocals, subtlety isn’t really the order of the day here, bar the very nice intro piece, Ninos Muriendo and the rockier tones of the lead track/single, En el Olvido

Most of the time, Venezuela’s Sulgogar blast out a full on racket, that probably dwells somewhere between Death and Thrash, but they do it with a Punk heart and a disregard for the listeners hearing.

Production wise, there are a few niggles and a few rough spots, sometimes the vocals need beefing up and sometimes the music can be a bit raw in places, but in terms of passion and energy, this is pretty much faultless.

I suppose it’s the musical equivalent of plug and play computer software. It’s not over complicated and it does the job immediately without any frills… and in this case the no frills offering keeps my foot tapping and my head banging.

The average track lasts about 2 minutes a pop, so just hit the play button and get blasted via 8 short tracks and a couple of dodgy cartoons related pieces and don’t forget to dust yourself off afterwards, because the beating you’ll receive will definitely leave you feeling a little dirty…

Sulgogar CANNIBAL-TOON Coverart