Review: BegUsToStop – Overdose Reality

BegUsToStop – Overdose Reality (Meat 5000 Records)
Review by Milos Sebalj

Nowadays, when I get a Grindcore record, I get a headache before I even put it on. More and more it seems to me like the good old days of Napalm Death or Repulsion are long gone and all that is left is that nonsense bordering on pure noise. You know, the thing with a crossed note attached to the layout. Where have all the riffs gone?

And just look at this band’s name! I will admit it, I judged the book by its cover. Well, not the cover per se, because the cover of this album doesn’t have any of the mentioned stuff on it. Furthermore, the cover is very nicely done to correlate with the overall theme of the lyrics. More on that later. Still, it looked a bit suspicious to me. Nevertheless, I gave it a chance and guess what? I found the missing riffing!

BegUsToStop is a young Serbian band, with just one demo release before this debut full length. However, they are comprised of some experienced musicians, especially when it comes to extreme Metal. I have revealed their general path in the introduction, but there is something more to their sound. Their Grindcore is somewhat ‘leaning’ towards pure brutal Death Metal. The songs are short and to the point, with occasional excerpts from movies and different speeches. With lyrics turned towards current social trends and failing humanity it all resembles Napalm Death. And then there is more still. While the tracks are mostly based on high speed rhythms, BUTS (not quite grammatically correct, but funny anyway) do know how to mix things a bit with slowdowns, at which point they remind me of classical sluggish atmosphere, patented by Obituary and the likes. Though short, clocking in at average two and a half minutes, the tracks on “Overdose Reality” tend to be versatile enough. Be it in the guitar or rhythm department, BegUsToStop (my ‘Shift’ key is wearing out with all this upper case lettering) offers a wealth of arrangements.

Now, this quartet doesn’t bring anything new to the table. They are a bit short on their own ideas. This might be forgiven considering the genre that doesn’t leave much room for experimentation. I would like to hear more riffs that could sound like they haven’t been played before. There are some moments where they really shine out, but there could surely be even more. Also, the lyrics can certainly be better prepared, as they sound a bit too simplistic. At least the ones in English. The three Serbian written lyrics are flawless. On the other hand, the ideas behind them definitely hold the water. I will let he titles speak for themselves: “Rivotril Nation”, “Massacre of the Cloned Starlets”, “Human Head Catering”, “Clyster Clear”… You get what I mean. One other thing is that I find the faster parts all become a bit of blur, where you can easily lose the guitar track you were following.

As this album is quite powerful and energetic (as a Grindcore record needs to be) I am willing to place these flaws as minor ones. I still enjoyed “Overdose Reality” very much. There really is not that much to complain about. It is all very decently done, guitars, drums, bass, vocals, production and the mentioned artwork. A strong release, definitely. It did give me a headache in the end. Seems like I’m getting too old to headbang for more than 30 minutes.