Toxik Metal May 14th

Toxik Metal: May 14th: Death Metal / Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Folk Metal

Todays’ show includes new releases from Amon Amarth, Memoriam, Enthroned, Sabaton, Abbath and Eluveitie

Amon Amarth – Shield Wall
Turisas – Battle Metal
Mystik – Nightmares
Memoriam – Shell Shock
Enthroned – Hosanna Satana
Sabaton – Fields of Verdun
Abbath – Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane)
Embludgeonment – Witch Cunt
Maniac Abductor – First World Disease
Damage S.F.P – Ruthless Fate
Riot City – Steelrider
Aegonia – The Offer
Eluveitie – Worship
Onslaught – Metal Forces