Friday Free-For-All: April 12th

Friday Free-For-All: April 12th: Punk / Metal / Industrial

No rules, no boundaries, no restrictions… just bloody good music

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
Apoptygma Berzerk – Backdraft (Deviced By The Invincible Spirit)
Centhron – Skull Fucker
Tiamat – I Am In Love With Myself
Cathedral – Ride
Varicella / Biohacker – Obsessed With Flesh (Biohacker mix)
Adrenalin O.D – Pope On A Rope
Before They Are Hanged – Clenched Fist
Faith No More – Midlife Crisis
E-Craft – Fuckers & Pricks (Remix 2017)
Alien Vampires – Fuck Your Exorcism
Nirvana – Territorial Pissings
Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
Sex Pistols – Holiday In The Sun
Ramones – Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down)
Reason Define – Innocent
W.A.S.P. – Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
Grave Digger – Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
Tau Cross – Deep State
Black Market / Michael Jackson – Beat It
The Beat – Hands Off She’s Mine
Underworld – Born Slippy

Propaganda March 8th 2019

Propaganda March 8th 2019

Welcome to the launch of Propaganda, which come your way every Friday. It’ll run as a sideline to my new radio station, which launches May 1st. And it means I can cram everything into a single post/page and spend more time making new radio shows.

We’ll begin with the new video from GoMa, for the single Los Side Effects. If you’ve taken any drugs today, don’t watch this as it will fuck with your head a bit…

The single also features GoMa label boss Chris on vocals (and groovy sunglasses)… and you can download it from Bandcamp, as a Name Your Price:

As I may have mentioned before, I had the honour of designing the cover art

GoMa - Los Side Effects - GoMa - Los Side Effects Coverart

News wise, I’ll split everything into two categories, Dark News, which will cover EBM, Industrial, Synthpop etc…  and Metal News… which covers… um, Metal

Dark News:


Grendel Re-Issues:

The eagerly awaited redux re-mastered re-release of 2000-2002 Grendel classics “Inhumane Amusement” & “End of Ages”, combined on 2 CDs, featuring bonus remixes & previously unreleased material, are out now… and for the price of a standard cd

Live Dates:

The band have also announced 2 UK dates. Saturday 27th April at The Electrowerkz and in Glasgow on May 11th at Ivory Blacks

Metal News:

If you want a daily fix of Metal News, check out Ivona who works with me on the Metal Jacket Radio show posts there most days

But for today, I have some news concerning Brujeria

Extreme metallers Brujeria have released a brand new single as a follow up to their infamous »Viva Presidente Trump!« 7-inch

Pick up your copy on limited colour vinyl today via

»Amaricon Czar« 7″ – Track Listing:

  1. Amaricon Czar
  2. Lord Nazi Ruso

In addition, BRUJERIA are pleased to announce a 23-date European run for May 2019, kicking off at Netherlands Deathfest, Tilburg on May 3. Special guests on the tour will be VENOMOUS CONCEPT (US/UK). The opening support will come from AGGRESSION (CA) as well as SANGRE (US). All dates can be found below, tickets are on sale now.


03.05. NL Tilburg – Netherlands Deathfest*
04.05. NL Sneek – Het Bolwerk
05.05. B Roeselare – De Verlichte Geest
06.05. D Hanover – MusikZentrum
07.05. D Bremen – Tower
08.05. D Berlin – Cassiopeia
09.05. CZ Brno – Melodka
10.05. CZ Prague – Futurum
11.05. D Munich – Feierwerk
12.05. A Dornbirn – Schlachthaus
13.05. CH Sion – Le Port Franc
14.05. I Rome – Traffic Live Club
15.05. I Milan – Legend Club
17.05. F Colmar – Le Grillen
18.05. F Paris – Petit Bain
20.05. UK London – The Underworld Camden
21.05. UK Manchester – Rebellion
22.05. UK Glasgow – Cathouse Rock Club
23.05. UK Birmingham – Mama Roux’s
24.05. F Dommarien – La Niche
25.05. D Mannheim – MS Connexion Complex
26.05. D Essen – Turock


And while we are on the subject of Metal, check out The Dark Side of Metal, every Monday at 10pm UK time, via, or via DAB in the Doncaster area

Next weeks show will include new music from Candlemass, plus AutomatoN, Foul Body Autopsy, Skaldic Curse in the Black Metal Britannia slot, also Harmdaud, Germ Bomb

Keep up-to-date with the show at:

New releases:

Norway’s Agregat have a new single out, entitled Funkhaus… it’s the follow up to the stupidly catchy, Runners, which I was also a big fan of


Belgium’s Dark Electro/EBM outfit, Reality’s Despair, have just released, Human Transitions, which you can pick up via Bandcamp:

I’ve only had the chance to play the whole album once, so far, but it’s destined to be one of my favourite albums of the year


And a quick shout out to my favourite album if the year so far, which is Inner Conflict by Blinky Blinky Computerband

 It’s no longer a free download, but I know the band would appreciate a few more paid downloads… which is something I hear from so many bands, unfortunately.


And we’ll end this weeks new releases with Russia’s Deflexity, who have released a couple of singles in the past week. I have one lined up for my show on Monday, the other is Valravn, which actually has a Pagan feel, mixed in with the electronic sounds



I will include some Metal releases in next weeks feature, and there will be additions like reviews, interviews, Spotify recommendations etc… as well… this is just day one

And don’t forget, I do two radio shows every week, over at Mixcloud

On Monday, it’s the Ghost Wave Radio show with the best in EBM, Industrial, and most forms of dark electronic music and a few slices of misery

And on Tuesdays, it’s the Metal Jacket Radio show, with 2 hours of Metal every week

You can access both shows here:

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Review: AutomatoN – Ego Verus

AutomatoN – Ego Verus (Machine Man Records)

Ingredients wise, this album isn’t quite on my ideal menu. I’ve spent most of life in the Metal world, but I’ve never really managed to get on with the Sci-Fi meets Industrial style of Fear Factory, although I’m ok with Strapping Young Lad. And I’d say that’s two of the bigger influences on this album.

The other main ingredient is akin to the more modern styles of Metal. Those that soothe you one minute and then mutilate you the next. Again, it’s not a style I’m comfortable with, but on this album, it works… perfectly.

In a nutshell, this drifts along in a Sci-Fi Progressive Metal kind of way. Electronic sounding choirs of chilled out ambience… and then, like a good horror film, you get hit with the ferocious bark of Nate Exx Gradowski’s growled vocals. Ok, it doesn’t quite make you jump out of your seat, but I’m sure you get the general idea.

The main theme of AutomatoN is robots that are wired wrong… so robots in human form then, as most of planet earth is definitely wired the wrong way. And that theme can be heard throughout the album as you do get the feeling that the whole album is cocooned in some form of machinery. Organic sounding, this most definitely isn’t.

The biggest plus point for me though, is the accessibility of the music, and the vocals. The songs glide, quite beautifully at times and the injection of aggression feels natural and the two styles are forged together seamlessly. Where “Modern Metal” fails, for me, is when it goes from super aggressive to unbelievably passive in a heartbeat. And I’m being polite here, as my actual thoughts aren’t very pc, and I don’t want to upset any snowflakes…

So yeah, definitely a winner as far as I’m concerned and I’m even more impressed at how easily this album won me over.