Review: GoMa – GoMa

GoMa – GoMa (Machine Man Records) Review by Steve Thomas-Green

Now, before people think… oh cool, he’s doing reviews – I’ll send him my album… I’ll stop you right there.

I’ve been reviewing albums for almost 20 years and those days are pretty much over for me, unless I find an album that I really love, which is the case here.

But why did I start reviewing again with such a challenging album?

I’m sure for some people, this will be a love it or hate it album. It is challenging because it blurs the boundaries between genres, and it’s not a simple “music by numbers” affair.

What you get are the influences that Juan Madrigal, aka GoMa, grew up with. And they range from Guns N Roses to The Cure and Depeche Mode… the latter is the most obvious, particularly the funky groove from the opening number on Violator, World In My Eyes… and while we’re on the subject of Funk… I detect some Prince in the mix too.

So mixing up Alternative sounds, touches of Industrial and Funk, makes for a very different sound, which is why I think it’ll divide listeners.

For me… I just love it. And in the modern era of short attention spans, I prefer to listen to the whole album, rather than just play a track every now and then.  It has a certain flow that requires your attention for the full 28 minutes. And the great thing about this album, is that I can’t decide on which track is my favourite. Right now it’s the upbeat, feel good vibes of Hora Gris. But previously, it was the single, Disappoint and that was followed by opening number, D.D.D.

Another sign that this album has longevity, is that I hear new bits every time I play the album… which is possibly why I keep changing my mind on which song I like the best. A drum beat or bass sound gets my attention and then I focus on it for the next 3 or 4 minutes and I’m constantly drawn in to the music.

The thing I hated about reviewing (in the past) is that most albums just ended up in a dusty old file on my computer, never to see the light of day again. I’ve had this album for a couple of months now and I still play it on a regular basis.

For the more broadminded amongst you, your ears deserve this album.

The album is available via major digital distributors, as well as via Bandcamp:

For the streamers amongst, you, it’s also on Spotify: