Decent News Interview

Yep, this is the first interview for the new Ghost Wave Radio website, and I managed to have a chat with Decent News guitar player, Eddie LaFlash.

Asking a band about their band name is one of the most boring unimaginative ways to begin an interview. But for Decent News, it’s actually a valid question…. What is Decent News and how did you get to that from “Hopscotch and the Tickled Fancy’s”?
First I’d like to say thank you very much for taking the time to do this with us, We love your show! Hopscotch and the Tickled Fancy’s huh? That’s a whole long story but I’ll save it for another time. It was an Industrial band that I had formed in 2012 and we disbanded in 2015. I don’t really remember how the name came about, I think the name was just supposed to not reflect how we sounded at all. When we formed this group in 2016 the first name we had for ourselves was Freakuency, which I thought was a really clever name until I found out that around 2 dozen other bands thought it was clever. Eventually we came down to either Decent News or A Few Boys.

And any names that got rejected along the way?
I actually just found the list of names that we had to choose from. Basically we each thought of some names, I think I came up with maybe 20 names, Collin came up with
about 5 and Laken came up with about 70. We did kind of like a round robin thing to eliminate some names

Here are some of the ones that didn’t make it:
Radiator Faction
One of my kids is Gonna eat Shit
Survaillance Abuse
Water Seizure
The Files
Steamfresh Oopsies

The list is practically endless, and some of them were clearly not going to make it. Although looking back, I really like Water Seizure.

Musically and visually, you don’t really follow a set format or blueprint either. Apart from your single, Halogen, your artwork is kind of quirky, and the music follows a similar path… well it does to me anyway. Was it a conscious decision to be “a bit weird”, but with enough melody to still draw people in? Or is it down to a weird collision of influences?
The quirkiness comes from us just having fun. We never take ourselves seriously at all, to us, It just feels really awkward to have a serious sort of theme or persona that you see a lot of bands doing these days. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just doesn’t reflect who we are. Musically everything is pretty straight forward, Lyrically, is where we start to have fun with it. I don’t think we make it a goal to make our music goofy, but if we get writers block we usually just start fucking around with ideas until it sounds usable.

Now, moving onto your new remix album… and I’m a sucker for remixes. What made you decide to do a remix album of Filth and how does it feel for a band when other artist re-interpret your music?
I love it. I think it’s so cool how people can interpret ideas and rethink the way that a song is put together.

I won’t put you on the spot and ask which remix you liked the best, but did any band do something and you thought, “damn, I wish we’d done that”?
That’s a tough one, I love all of them. Every remix that we got blew us away in their own way. If I had to pick one…. personally I’d have to say 80KV’s remix. The intro and outro gave me chills ha ha. When I gave her the stems for Sanctuary I included the 15 minute version of the source sample that plays at the beginning and end of the song and she really picked out things that we completely skipped over.

Decent News are now lining up a few gigs. Am I right that your August 15th gig is your debut? Is being a gigging band important to you, or is the digital world where it’s at in terms of being your main focus.
August 15th at Cerry Street Station in Wallingford, CT is Decent News’ first gig! It’s about time. We’ve really been wanting to get out there and gig. It’s always a fun experience and it’s such a rush. I feel like bands have to gig to reach their full potential. The digital world is great if someone is looking for your music, but at a gig you’re pretty much forcing the people who came to listen to your band. Who knows, you might show them something they’ve never heard before.

I’ll be brutally honest and say I think (good) record labels are a dying breed and pretty much obsolete these days, especially when it comes to underground bands. But I love what Chris at Machine Man Records is putting together. Especially with your label mates Chmcl Str8jckt making really good progress, does that spur you on and give you belief that your small corner of the scene can make some headway. Or is more a case of take it as it comes and see what happens?
Chris is the man! He’s done so much for us and he really is a great dude. With all the hard work that Chris is putting in, I hope it gets big. I don’t think we’re too worried with success though, I know we’re in good hands and that’s all that matters

Now the remix album is out, what’s next for Decent News? Is it too early to think of the next album, or are you dying to make the most of your new studio?
Thanks for noticing the new studio! It fucking rules and I’m so excited to piss off my neighbors. We have some ideas and demos kicking around but I can’t really do too much because Caleb is in New Hampshire until the beginning of November, so I don’t want to do too much without him.

Many thanks for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add?
Anytime time man! Check out our latest release on Machine Man Records “Filth: Remixed” featuring many talented artists from all over the globe!