Behind The Scenes : WASP


We go back in time… with Ivona Bogner

My parents sent me to journey across Europe in spring of 2004, after I officially finished with university lectures. North Italy, France, Spain, Austria. My first trip abroad. Alone.

After fifteen days and painful 19 hours spent in bus on my way from Nice to Vienna, I was so tired and just wanted to go back home. Two nights in a hotel somewhere in the Vienna woods seemed to be enough to change my mind. I recharged batteries and forgot about going back home. Fresh air, squirrels on window in early morning, beer and sausages recovered me instantly.

Few days later, on my way back home, the bus stopped at gas station somewhere in Prater area. Although we were not allowed to leave the bus, I saw a huge poster and I knew it has to be mine! Yes, mostly people get Mozartkugeln as a souvenir from Austria. Not me! I brought 90∕60 cm W.A.S.P. poster. How happy my parents were!

I desperately wanted to get back to Vienna, but my visa expired, I had no money in pockets, so…

Two years later, L.A. veterans finally came to Serbia! How excited I was! Only twice in my life I was running to winner position (read front line): W.A.S.P. in 2006 and Iron Maiden in 2007. It was a matter of life and death!

So, on October 10, 2006, I was in front of Blackie f…… Lawless!

From the opening riff, there was no rest. I can clearly remember most of songs they played: ″L.O.V.E. Machine″, ″Widowmaker″, ″On Your Knees″, ″I Wanna Be Somebody″, but most of all my favorites: ″Wild Child″, ″The Headless Children″ and ″Sleeping In The Fire″. I also clearly remember I was crying while W.A.S.P. was performing ″Sleeping In The Fire″. Of course, if anyone than would ask me if I was crying the answer was no. Just sweating.

It was pleasantly warm October night and I was circling as a vulture around the tour bus. Security told us to form the line and Blackie will soon come out. Holy mother of Lord! From the bus staircase, that man looked like 80′s houswife! In blue shorts, his legs looked longer than me. On his head, there was a towel. It seemed he just took a quick shower. And there lies the modesty of the biggest stars! With no problem, no matter how tired he was, and he was 53, if I count well, he had enough patience to talk to fans, to sign all we had… From tickets to toilet paper. So polite, so patient, so normal, so perfect! Photos were not allowed, but I respect his decision. And understand it.


Mike Dupke and Doug Blair seemed to be in good mood, so we were sitting in the front of the bus, having unformal conversation. Doug desperately wanted some chewing gum and I was pleased to give him a whole packet. Weird gift! Somehow, that night I had met their sound engineer. It turned out his girlfriend is from Serbia. So we talked about food, life in general and somehow he even told me how much money he earns per concert. I guess it was trust issue, so I will not tell you how many zeroes he has on his bank account.

The next W.A.S.P. concert was in 2009. ″Beast Of Babylon Tour″. Without me. I have bought ticket three month earlier, and what happened? I mixed the dates! Nothing strange with me, but missing W.A.S.P. when you have a ticket and a comet didn′t hit Earth is insane! When I saw no one was at the venue, I asked security if the concert was cancelled. ″No, it was yesterday″, they said. I can not describe how angry I was. But I strongly believe everything happens for a reason in life. And I strongly believe there will be more W.A.S.P. concerts for me.