Review: Engram – Das Kapital

Engram - Das Kapital (Two Gods) This is one of those albums that can be interpreted so many ways, and I’m sure the reviews will probably reflect this. So starting at the beginning: This project began 22 years ago, when Engram members, Martin Bowes and John Costello submitted a track for a compilation. And everything... Continue Reading →

Review: AutomatoN – Ego Verus

AutomatoN - Ego Verus (Machine Man Records) Ingredients wise, this album isn’t quite on my ideal menu. I’ve spent most of life in the Metal world, but I’ve never really managed to get on with the Sci-Fi meets Industrial style of Fear Factory, although I’m ok with Strapping Young Lad. And I’d say that’s two... Continue Reading →

Review: GoMa – GoMa

GoMa - GoMa (Machine Man Records) Review by Steve Thomas-Green Now, before people think… oh cool, he’s doing reviews - I’ll send him my album… I’ll stop you right there. I’ve been reviewing albums for almost 20 years and those days are pretty much over for me, unless I find an album that I really... Continue Reading →

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