Review: Crisalide – Dark Inside

Crisalide – Dark Inside (Minotauro Records)
Review by Milos Sebalj

Is it too much to ask for a decent track listing on the back of an otherwise brilliantly designed digipack CD? Or perhaps a full set of lyrics in the booklet? It took me a while to figure out where the album actually begins and it the fact that there are only a couple of lines of lyrics inside didn’t help at all. On the other hand, the ever-terrible Italian version of English language remains hidden from plain sight. Nicely drawn artwork including a comic book depiction of band members saves the day. Thematically placed to fit the post-apocalyptic concept of the record, it fits like a glove.

Crisalide is an Italian quintet that just turned 25 years old, but their discography is terribly short for such an old band. “Dark Inside” is their debut full length album. Talk about waiting a long time! Having seen them live recently, I must say the energy is still there. These guys certainly know how to put on a good show!

Now, there is no easy way to describe the style they are performing. The merchandise stand where I traded for this CD claimed it to be Thrash Metal. The vocalist, with whom I traded, mentioned the influences of Sepultura and Soulfly. True, all of that is present on this record. There are more than enough of those tribal sounding drums that bear resemblance to the later era in the creation of the mentioned Brazilians. Vocals could invoke Max Cavalera, plus some groovy guitar parts play along to the tune of the legendary mid ‘90s albums. Also, faster parts might fit nicely to the Thrash Metal canons. Not quite as old school as the more closed-minded fans would like, but I can still hear some later Slayer or Testament in there. I would like to add some Swedish Death Metal melodies which are surely present, though never so much to take over. Combining all that, the Italians produced a highly energetic record.

As a quarter of a century old band presenting the debut album, one might expect a certain level of experience. And Crisalide comes through with flying colors. Nicely arranged, catchy enough with just a bit of personal touch not to feel like a simple copycat. The album itself is well-performed, by obviously skilful musicians. Guitar solos, various drum patterns, bass pounding to support it all… Everything comes together nicely.

Now, the fact that Crisalide is missing their own “Chaos A.D.” or “Roots Bloody Roots” kind of mega hit might just be the missing link here. Still, “Dark Inside” is far from a bad record. It is a pretty good one. Much ahead of what the mentioned Sepultura or Soulfly are releasing nowadays. The genre itself is far from its peak of popularity which probably means the Italians will not go too far with their effort, but I believe this CD is worth a shot. If nothing else, for the sake of nostalgia. As for me, according to the latest studies of climate changes the humanity will end in about a decade and a half, so guys, pick up the pace a bit and let’s make the second one before we experience firsthand what you wrote in the lyrics here.


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