Review: Tryglav – Night of Whispering Souls

Tryglav – Night of Whispering Souls (Extreme Metal Music)
Review by Milos Sebalj

For something advertised as Black Metal, I have a feeling there is going to be a regular “spit fest” when the genre’s purists get their hands on this album. They are already ticked off by the most talked about Black Metal release of the year, the “Lords of chaos” movie. And I don’t want to be a part of it, since I kind of like this album. I liked the said movie as well, so let’s start another “spit fest” as soon as possible.

Tryglav is a young one-man band, hailing from Croatia, and “Night of Whispering Souls” is the debut album. Well, there is a session vocalist present on the recording, so it’s not quite a solo project, though Boris Behara is responsible for all the music and lyrics. I’m not so sure about the cover artwork, but it certainly is magnificent.

“Night of Whispering Souls” begins like something early Infernal War would be proud of. Brilliant piece of Black Metal brutality titled “Under My Skin” brings hope of another annihilating album like “Terrorfront” by the mentioned Poles. The second, title track, starts like a regular Dark Funeral worship. The best I can do to describe the rest (of the song and the album) would be to write that it sounds like something Children of Bodom would come up with if they had more of a Black Metal touch to their music.

There’s a lot of stuff going on this album. The main line that connects all of the tracks is the melodic approach to songwriting. While the melody remains in the frontline, it is closely followed by different Black and Death Metal influences. Scandinavian sound all along. Tryglav uses the melodic leads from contemporary Swedish Death Metal scene, following in the footsteps of 21st century works of In Flames and the like, while the riffing is clearly (again Swedish) Black Metal oriented. Almost too clean production work bring forth the rhythm section, making the album sound full, blasting the relentless punches straight to the face of the listener. I could do with a bit more firm vocals, but the announcement in the promotional sheet already states that Tryglav will use the voice of their only full-time member on the future releases.

Speaking of “weird” stuff happening on “Night of Whispering Souls”, take a listen to the 5th song, titled “Creature of the Night”. As it started, I was almost expecting Klaus Meine to jump out of the speakers. It is such a strange combination of Lordi (again with the Scandinavia) and mentioned Children of Bodom.

Tryglav’s songs are catchy, memorable, containing a decent amount of riffs and choruses you might whistle of sing along to. Furthermore, the Croatian act is fairly creative and easily manages to keep the focus of the listener. Some criticism must be addressed to a lack of a stronger ground that the music needs to stand on. I have a feeling that the author wanted to use a lot of different influences, but failed at making it coherent enough. Still, this is the debut work, so I will surely expect much more in the future, as there is a lot of space for progress in the positive direction. For now, I can just call it promising.

And another thing! Stop calling it Black Metal! Fans of the genre have had enough stress as it is. They don’t need more.



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