Review: Mystik – Mystik

Mystik – Mystik (I Hate)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

When it comes to life, in general, I don’t tend to look back… I very rarely dwell on the past… except when it comes to music.

Don’t get me wrong, I love discovering new bands and new forms of music, but when it comes to Metal, there’s not a lot that can beat the 80s…. actually, there’s nothing than can beat the 80s.

Rewind to 1985, and Channel 4, in the UK, hosted a tv show every week that featured four live Metal bands… in amongst the more established acts such as Motorhead and Venom, were a young German act called Warlock, who were in the UK to play a show in support of their new album, Hellbound.

Now, the reason for this intro, is because when I first played this album, I was immediately transported back to that time, when the 18 year old version of me was transfixed by Doro Pesch and her merry band of Metallers…

If you love the first couple of Warlock albums, then you’ll love Mystik, who are fronted by Doro sound-a-like, Julia Von Krusenstjerna… the big difference though, from the days of Warlock, is that, at the time of recording, Mystik had three ladies in their ranks… since this album was recorded, guitarist, Lo Wikman, has left the band.

The comparison with Warlock is meant as a huge compliment and I also detect an affinity with the likes of (early) Mercyful Fate, musically, at least, and probably the debut from Pretty Maids as well.

In essence, that part of the 80s has been transported to the present day and has been injected with a new lease of life. Because although this album reminds me of that time, it doesn’t sound dated at all…

The Metal World needs more albums like this. While Metal splinters off into a multitude of not very Metal sub-genres, this is a perfect example of how a Metal album should sound. Heads down, Speed/Heavy Metal, with just a hint of the occult.

Definitely my favourite album of the year, so far.



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