Review: Hieronymus FTP – Tanzkrankeit EP

Hieronymus FTP – Tanzkrankeit EP (Self Release)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

An act from Australia, making a quirky dance/electronic EP, all based around the German language… yep, so wild it could be a storyline on Neighbours… (if the show still exists)

My last meeting with Hieronymus FTP was their wonderful cover of the Visage classic, Fade To Grey and this EP has its roots firmly in 80s electronica as well. Where you place this, I genuinely don’t know… it’s like a dance version of Kraftwerk, with a bit of Talking Heads, with both bands on a shedload of drugs. If I could dance, and if I wanted to dance, then I’d be dancing around like a loon, most likely with a mop or broom in my hand, whilst contorting my body into a load of oddball shapes my body wouldn’t allow these days (due to old age)

But if you dig up some old acid house footage, slow it down a bit, throw this over the top as the new soundtrack, then you’re getting close to what this may be all about.

Cool grooves, stacks of retro action and a homage to the authoritarian sound of the German language… all boxes ticked, with an added bonus of a jolly feelgood factor and an uncontrollable urge to smile through every track.

So yeah, I haven’t got a fucking clue what’s going on, but I love it

Tanzkrankeit EP cover

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