Review: Erancnoir – Erancnoir

Erancnoir – Erancnoir (Morrowless Music)

Review by Steve Thomas-Green

I have a fascination for music created from a country not normally associated with Metal. You quite often find a unique angle or texture, that, for example, a Western band doesn’t possess.

Ironically, on this album, the 3rd from Iranian artist, Erancnoir, the music isn’t particularly unique, but it is beautifully crafted and oozing with passion.

And the sign of a good album, is when you imagine the music in a visual scenario… which is just as well with this album as the two tracks come in at around the forty one minute mark, so there’s a lot to absorb with each track.

The self-titled opener, begins very peacefully, with a brooding intro that reminds me of the dark ambience of Sweden’s Arcana, back in their early (Neo Classical) days… but don’t let this tranquil beginning fool you as it gradually builds to a ferocious Black Metal onslaught, which had me visualizing a lone tree, on top of a hill, being battered by hurricane strength winds and anything else Mother Nature decides to throw at it.

The vocals are tortured screams, which are mixed slightly down, in the non-stop barrage of the music… and when you put everything together, there is a feeling of travelling through space, which is in complete contrast to everything I’ve said so far.

But you can’t criticise a band for invoking your mind into action.

This album is far from unique, a few bands do tread a similar path, particularly those that mix the more atmospheric end of Black Metal with the more depressing side of the genre. But in terms of how it sounds and how it feels, the passion it invokes, then I can have no complaints




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