Videos: Part 2

After a lot of delays, here’s another instalment of my video page, where I round up a few new video releases

We’ll begin with Damsel In The Dollhouse… here’s the official line: This song is a remix of the title instrumental track from Rob Robinson’s original soundtrack album Amityville Horror: Evil Never Dies.

But really, it’s like a Gothic horror video, that’s like Michael Jackson’s Thriller… made up of zombie women, and of course, with better music


Torul have a new single coming out very soon, and they’ve posted a teaser for Ausverkauft… you can hear a clip of the single, as well as the remixes


We cross over to the Metal world for the alcohol obsessed Folk Metal of Korpiklaani as they proclaim their love for Beer Beer via a new lyric video


My good friends in Blinky Blinky Computerband are trying out Twitch as a platform. So you can view the video for Killing Machine here:

Or be old fashioned, like me, and use YouTube


I don’t know how to embed a Facebook video into WordPress, so you’ll have to follow the link for the last offering today, which a new demo track from Retaliate Of Anger


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