Review: AutomatoN – Ego Verus

AutomatoN – Ego Verus (Machine Man Records)

Ingredients wise, this album isn’t quite on my ideal menu. I’ve spent most of life in the Metal world, but I’ve never really managed to get on with the Sci-Fi meets Industrial style of Fear Factory, although I’m ok with Strapping Young Lad. And I’d say that’s two of the bigger influences on this album.

The other main ingredient is akin to the more modern styles of Metal. Those that soothe you one minute and then mutilate you the next. Again, it’s not a style I’m comfortable with, but on this album, it works… perfectly.

In a nutshell, this drifts along in a Sci-Fi Progressive Metal kind of way. Electronic sounding choirs of chilled out ambience… and then, like a good horror film, you get hit with the ferocious bark of Nate Exx Gradowski’s growled vocals. Ok, it doesn’t quite make you jump out of your seat, but I’m sure you get the general idea.

The main theme of AutomatoN is robots that are wired wrong… so robots in human form then, as most of planet earth is definitely wired the wrong way. And that theme can be heard throughout the album as you do get the feeling that the whole album is cocooned in some form of machinery. Organic sounding, this most definitely isn’t.

The biggest plus point for me though, is the accessibility of the music, and the vocals. The songs glide, quite beautifully at times and the injection of aggression feels natural and the two styles are forged together seamlessly. Where “Modern Metal” fails, for me, is when it goes from super aggressive to unbelievably passive in a heartbeat. And I’m being polite here, as my actual thoughts aren’t very pc, and I don’t want to upset any snowflakes…

So yeah, definitely a winner as far as I’m concerned and I’m even more impressed at how easily this album won me over.

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